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Kelley Kronenberg’s Bankruptcy Practice Group has extensive experience in matters involving Bankruptcy, Replevin and Collection, as well as Creditors’ Rights for major national lenders and finance companies in all Bankruptcy courts throughout the state of Florida. The group demonstrates a diverse skillset and can accommodate creditors with varying needs, including both business and consumer bankruptcy matters.

Our Bankruptcy Practice Group works proactively to develop and implement strategies to mitigate sensitive financial situations. With decades of experience assisting creditors in all aspects of bankruptcy matters, we strive to provide effective counseling and are dedicated to vigorously defending them in litigation. Collections is a key component to this area of law and our knowledge allows us to better advise our clients regarding their rights as creditors.

To enhance the services we provide our clients, Kelley Kronenberg’s Bankruptcy Practice Group provides a complementary resource to the firm’s Mortgage Foreclosure and Real Property Litigation Practice Groups.

We offer a full range of legal services, including:

  • Avoidance actions
  • Preference actions
  • Discharge and dischargeability actions
  • Fraudulent transfer actions
  • Subordination actions
  • Involuntary bankruptcy petitions
  • Plan confirmation objections
  • Proposed asset sales
  • Compromises and proposed settlements
  • Stay relief motions
  • Proof of claim allowance matters


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