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Our Practices

Real Estate Closings

Kelley Kronenberg’s Real Estate Attorneys represent businesses, corporations, and individuals in residential and commercial real estate closings throughout Florida.  Our experienced Real Estate Attorneys assist clients in understanding how the real estate process, from contract to purchase of property, affects your rights and what legal obligations it imposes on you.

Prior to a real estate closing, we handle the many legal and title matters involved in the purchase including: drafting and reviewing any closing documents, performing title and lien searches, and resolving title disputes, to ensure ownership of the property is indisputable.  After the contracts have been negotiated and the title has been cleared, our Attorneys attend and represent our clients at the actual closing, in which the title and purchase money is transferred. Our Real Estate Attorneys have the experience and skill necessary to conduct and coordinate the real estate transaction process, so that all parties reach their goals, with minimum delay and expense.

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