Humberto Tapia

Vice President of Financial Transaction Management

Humberto Tapia Attorney Profile | Kelley Kronenberg


Humberto Tapia serves as Vice President of Financial Transactions Management at Kelley Kronenberg and joins the firm with over two decades of experience in accounting and finance. His experience traverses several industries, including technology, leisure travel, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and paper wholesale.    

Before joining Kelley Kronenberg, he held many positions that helped him gain a solid and in-depth understanding of many financial issues related to the management, control of various size enterprises, process improvements, and re-design. His extensive involvement with global and regional corporations has afforded him a profound understanding of the intricacies of various cultural dynamics within the workplace. 

Humberto holds an Executive MBA from the European Institute of Post Graduate Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Florida International University, focusing on finance.     

  • European Institute of Post Graduate Studies, E.M.B.A., 2021  
  • Florida International University – College of Business, B.S., 2010  
  • Miami Dade College, A.A. Economics, 1996