February 3, 2021

Kelley Kronenberg Black History Month Employee Spotlight: Nadine Mathieu

Kelley Kronenberg’s Black History Month Employee Spotlight feature is Nadine Mathieu. Nadine is an attorney and has been with the firm for over 1 year. In her own words, learn about her role, her motivations and how Black History has shaped her life.

Tell us about a moment in black history that influenced or shaped your career? “The moment I saw the first black President of the United States, Barack Obama, being sworn into office was such an inspiring moment.  I remember getting chills when I saw the first family arrive to the Capitol Building and thinking “wow that can truly be me one day!””

Favorite Quote or Mantra? “YOLO- You only live once!”

Who inspires you? “My father because he is truly the hardest working man I know. Growing up the youngest of 9, my father was the first member of his family to thrive and graduate from medical school.  Watching him work day-in and day-out to provide for his family, inspired me to achieve my dreams.  With his unconditional love and support, I graduated from law school and became an attorney.”

If you could have a conversation with a civil rights activist, who would it be and why? “Rosa Parks because I think her story is a true testament of courage and strength.  I would want to ask her how did she muster up the strength and courage to fight for justice and refuse to give up her seat when faced with such brutal consequences. It was because of her strength that launched and inspired a powerful movement and the Montgomery Bus Boycott so that people that looked like me could have the same rights and freedoms as everyone else.”