Video Transcript

I think that’s a good word to describe me, fortunate enough to have dated my high school sweetheart, and 25 years later we’re still together with 2 beautiful kids. So, I think commitment is evident there. I’ve been with Kelley Kronenberg from a young associate to an owner, with 22 years of history with the firm. I think that shows commitment. I’m loyal to my friends, I have life-long friends. Commitment.

So, commitment means to me of that it’s something that you want to do, a goal perhaps, an end result, and you have to decide how you’re going to get there. I’m content where I am, I am very happy. I think I’ve been very fortunate by those that have surrounded me, by my family and my friends, and what all of our accomplishments are. I love what I do as a profession. I don’t get the Sunday night blues, which I think that’s perhaps rare. Comes Sunday night, I don’t want to say I live for work, but I look forward to going back to work and being with great people, and hopefully accomplishing great things.