Creating the Kelley Kronenberg I Always Dreamed Of

Video Transcript

I’ve had essentially two jobs in my life. I’ve had this job for just about 30 years. Career, so it’s really not a job. And I had another job for maybe six months in my life and I learned so much of what not to do. That’s what probably benefited me as much as anything else, because I’ve utilized those things through my career, of what not to do.

I’ve always wanted this firm to be the place I wanted to work, when I was a young associate, I got out of law school and I was looking for a job. And, I always thought to myself, “If I ever get an opportunity to have a law firm, or have a voice in a law firm, I want it to be this.” This is what I wanted it to be. I love being cutting edge. Our website, how we approach different models for compensation. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at another law firm and said, “How do they do it? What do they do?” I just kind of thought, you know, Michael and Heath and I and everyone else of what’s good for us, how do we do it a little bit differently than everybody else, and how do we make it be what we wanted it to be when we were young, you know, young attorneys, just coming into practice. I think we’ve accomplished that.