Embracing Priorities

Video Transcript

[GENTLE MUSIC] The extra mile is never crowded.

It’s about balance. And I try to recommend ways to figure out priorities, and to embrace those priorities and not apologize for them. Women, and especially professional women, who are trying to balance career and personal life, will tend to do less for themselves than they do for their family or for their work. And I took a step back and knew that I needed to do something for myself. And that something was to hire somebody for accountability to make me show up at the gym in order to get exercise at a certain time on a certain day.

It’s made all the difference in the world from a mental perspective, from a physical perspective, and even sometimes from a professional perspective. When I’m in a tough legal situation and I think about the fact that I just came from the gym and probably squatted more weight than that attorney across the table from me weighs, so I know I got this.