Journey of Leadership

Video Transcript

Being at the top can be very lonely. I enjoy it because it just comes naturally to me. I’ve always been a leader. Going back to sports and being elected captain of various teams, people tended to believe in what I said and, you know, felt comfortable following my lead. So in that respect, it came naturally to me. It was more innate, probably, than learned.

Over the years, obviously, it’s been learned and I’ve tried different ways to achieve the success of leading, not always being successful. Understanding that you’re not going to please everybody all the time, but that you’re making the best decisions for the organization as a whole. I believe you’re as successful as the people that you surround yourself with.

My success is not a result of my hard work only. Success is, again, something that requires timing, I believe, a little but of luck. But most importantly, I believe, the people that you surround yourself with, and who work for you, earn you that success.