August 28, 2023

Kelley Kronenberg Achieves Significant Triumph for Frontline in Previously Dismissed AOB Lawsuit

With immense pride, we spotlight a significant victory secured by Zachary Sawko, Attorney in Kelley Kronenberg’s First-Party Property Insurance Defense Division, reinforcing our established reputation in client defense. The case in question was a small claims Assignment of Benefits (AOB) lawsuit against the recurring plaintiff AQA/Kidwell Group, primarily focusing on the legitimacy and enforceability of the AOB agreement.  

Scrutiny of Plaintiff’s AOB contract revealed that it did not strictly adhere to the requirements specified in 627.7152, Florida Statutes. Consequently, the AOB was deemed invalid and unenforceable under Florida law, rendering Plaintiff without standing to file suit. 

Triumphing on our Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice due to an Invalid Assignment of Benefits Contract, the decision led to entitlement of fees. Following successful negotiations, an award of $6,000 was finalized, exceeding the incurred amount of approximately $5,700. 

The judgment rewarded Frontline with $6,000 against AQA/Kidwell in this small claims AOB lawsuit, a case earlier dismissed with prejudice due to the invalid AOB. Once again, we succeeded in securing full reimbursement of attorney’s fees and costs by prevailing on a Motion to Dismiss. This accomplishment serves as a significant milestone for our firm, further strengthening our track record in combating unjust claims.