May 22, 2024

Kelley Kronenberg Negotiates Favorable Settlement in Negligence Suit Against Municipality

Kelley Kronenberg’s General Liability Division, represented by Partner/Business Unit Leader David Gordon and Attorney Alexandra Mena, achieved a significant victory for our client, a municipality in Osceola County, Florida. Through skillful negotiation, we secured a favorable settlement, sparing our client the uncertainties and expenses of a prolonged trial. 

In the case, presided over by the Honorable Judge Tom Young, a young boy sustained severe injuries after tripping and falling on missing rubber turf flooring at one of the city’s playgrounds, resulting in a broken arm requiring surgery and permanent disfigurement. The plaintiff alleged negligence on the part of the city for failure to maintain the playground flooring, seeking damages totaling approximately $200,000.00. 

Despite the challenging circumstances and apparent liability, our legal team strategically navigated the case by asserting comparative negligence, highlighting the plaintiff’s improper footwear choice of Crocs. Recognizing the risks associated with continued litigation, we opted for settlement discussions. 

The outcome, a settlement significantly below the projected exposure and well below 50% of the damages sought, stands as a resounding success for our client. By resolving the matter efficiently, we not only saved our client a substantial financial burden but also spared them the time and uncertainty of a protracted legal battle.  

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