January 2, 2024

Kelley Kronenberg Secures Victory in Multi-Faceted Negligence Suit

Kelley Kronenberg Practice Partner, Naomi Bradford, of the firm’s General Liability and Third-Party Insurance Defense Team, recently achieved a significant victory in a complex negligence lawsuit in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The case involved our clients, who owned a property in Coral Gables, and were facing allegations of Negligence and Negligent Hiring, Selection, and Retention, with a total estimated exposure exceeding $240,000.00. 

The background of the case revolved around our insureds engaging a known general contractor for a tile re-roofing project on their multi-story home. The general contractor, in turn, obtained a quote from a subcontractor and facilitated the job. Unfortunately, during the project, a 30-year-old independent contractor from Honduras fell off the roof, sustaining severe injuries. 

Naomi developed a comprehensive legal strategy to address the complex nature of the case. Key defenses included Comparative Negligence of Plaintiff, Assumption of Risk, Third-Party Liability, Apportionment of Fault, Lack of Proximate Cause, Intervening Cause, and numerous others. 

In a critical development, Naomi successfully defended the insureds at deposition, establishing that they had no involvement in controlling or directing the work performed. By demonstrating that the insureds relied on the general contractor for obtaining proposals and facilitating the work, she prevented Plaintiff’s counsel from establishing the necessary elements to hold our insureds accountable. 

As a result of Naomi’s rigorous defense strategy, the case was resolved favorably for our clients. Plaintiff was unable to establish a connection between our insureds and the alleged negligence, leading to the dismissal of our clients from the suit.