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June 16, 2021

Part II: Week One We Learned, Week Two We Applied.

By Kalae Menard.

Imagine this, you just got hired at a law firm and today is your first day. After being shown around the office, your supervising partner gives you a case file and wants a full report by lunch. You open the case file, scan through the documents, then it hits you – you have no clue what you are doing, then the dread sinks in. Should you blindly complete the task to avoid appearing incompetent? Should you ask your supervising partner for guidance? Should you have participated in a post-law school internship before applying for entry-level attorney jobs? If you ever do find yourself in this position, ask a supervising partner or an associate attorney, but also ask why there are no law firm clinic training programs designed to set you up for success from the beginning. With two weeks left in the first Kelley Kronenberg Law Klinic, I have no doubt that I was set up for success. I know exactly what to do once I am assigned my first claim file at Kelley Kronenberg.

As a First-Party Property attorney at Kelley Kronenberg, you will receive claim files and be expected to timely draft initial reports to clients. When the initial report was first explained, it seemed like a simple enough task – that simple task quicky humbled me when we had to complete one as a group. The detail that goes into accurately drafting an initial report is a little overwhelming at first, but I would rather be overwhelmed during training instead of on my first day. Nonetheless, we tackled that initial report as a team, and I was pleasantly surprised by how we were able to apply our knowledge from week one and get the job done. In the upcoming weeks we will individually draft another initial report, and because of the foundational knowledge that was provided, I am looking forward to the task.

During week two of the Law Klinic, I learned about billables. If you are anything like me and have not billed a day in your life, the thought of meeting firm billing requirements is daunting. As a First-Party Property attorney (or any civil practice attorney) we provide a legal service and expect to be paid for it, and that is where billing comes in. Billing is a necessary evil, but it is doable, and there is even an art to it. While it will take time to perfect your artwork, always remember to read the client’s guidelines and to bill contemporaneously with the task at hand – everything else will fall into place.

As I enter week three, the training, the insight, and the resources I have received these past couple of weeks have me looking forward to the next day. It is like having a legal internship in South Florida, but with practical training and an attorney’s pay. Could you imagine starting your first day as a First-Party Property attorney and knowing exactly what to do when you receive a claim file? How about the confidence you will feel when you understand what is going on prior to discussing the case with your supervising partner? Even better, imagine being a part of a firm that truly allows for collaboration and encourages personal and professional development. If you can imagine these three things, and want to be set up for success, I can say with confidence that the Law Klinic is right for you.

Kalae Menard is an Attorney at Kelley Kronenberg where she assists in handling matters related to First Party Property Insurance Defense Litigation.

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