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Kelley Kronenberg



The EB-5 visa is for those who want to invest at least five hundred thousand dollars, or one million dollars in a business that can create at least 10 full-time jobs for US residents. The amount of investment needed depends on the geographical area in which the works will be produced. It is also very important to keep in mind that the investment can also be passive in nature. That is, instead of creating a business from scratch, it is possible to invest five hundred thousand dollars in a specific project already started and certified specifically for the EB-5 program. These projects are collected and sponsored by the c.d. Regional Center. This passive investment, however, will allow a profit to be obtained through the interest that is recognized by the structure that transposes the capital.

Members of the applicant’s family:

Parallel to the applicant, the spouse and children under 21, as long as they are not married, can apply for permanent residence at the request of the applicant. Obviously, once the green card is obtained, it will be possible, after the appropriate period, to apply for US citizenship.