Welcome to the Great LinkedIn Challenge! This contest will run from April 1, 2024 to July 31, 2024, with each month featuring a winner of a $2,500 gift card. The contest will restart at the beginning of each month, providing participants with ongoing opportunities to earn points and win gift cards. There is no limit on how many months may be won by an individual. Therefore, one employee can win up to $10,000.00!!!

Employees can rack up points by performing different actions or tasks on LinkedIn. The aim is to gather the highest number of points each month. Points will be awarded to participants based on the completion of specific tasks as outlined below:

  • Complete the profile checklist (5 points): This includes updating your LinkedIn profile with a headshot, a KK branded cover photo, proper title, about section, and ensuring KK is listed as the current employer. Automatic points if your profile is already complete.
  • Following KK on LinkedIn (1 point). Automatic point if you’re are already following KK’s LinkedIn page.
  • Like and comment on an original KK post (1 point for each interaction). Maximum of 2 points earned per post.
  • Sharing/Reposting from KK’s LinkedIn page with a caption (5 points for each repost with a caption). Post can only be shared once and is limited to 5 points per post.
  • Engagement received on the participant’s profile from the KK repost from each external interaction (non-KK employee): likes, comments, reposts (1 point for each interaction). For each repost, a maximum of 3 points will be awarded per external contact.       

BONUS CHALLENGES: Each month, we’ll spice things up with some bonus challenges! This is your chance to earn extra points by completing the requested actions.

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