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Diritto Immobiliare

Buying property in the United States requires extreme caution given the different laws and government agencies involved. It is important to structure each element of the transaction in detail in order to facilitate the transaction and the necessary registration procedures. Furthermore, the various registration procedures carry with them the risk of purchasing properties from subjects who do not own them, given the difficult reading of the status of the property title.

Consequently, it is essential to make use of the legal advice of a lawyer who knows how to navigate the pitfalls of real estate law and who, if necessary, can advise an external company to ensure his title to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Finally, it is always appropriate to evaluate the opportunity to purchase the property through the establishment of a company, rather than directly as a natural person, in order to ease the tax burden and increase the degree of protection with respect to creditors.

Kelley Kronenberg’s lawyers work daily in the field of real estate transactions and property law, frequently assisting international and domestic businesses and individuals in these matters.

The lawyer Sonia Oliveri is pleased to provide a first free consultation on possible solutions adaptable to your case. 

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