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Matrimonio, Divorzio e Diritto di Famiglia

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Matrimonio, Divorzio e Diritto di Famiglia

The Kelley Kronenberg law firm offers competent and comprehensive legal advice during each phase of the marriage or divorce process, and of any related activities.

In the USA, divorce proceedings are not regulated uniformly at federal level; each state autonomously legislates. Florida, specifically, is a so-called “no-fault” jurisdiction, that is, the person who asks for a divorce does not need to prove that the other spouse is to blame. Likewise, divorce does not require any kind of separation period. The applicant will only have to state that he considers the marriage “irretrievably broken”, that is, irreparably compromised. It goes without saying, that in order to prove that the marriage is in this state, the applicant’s declaration will be sufficient, given that the marriage requires the will of both parties to be complete.

Our lawyers are at your disposal to provide free detailed and careful initial advice. Of course, our firm is able to support you with litigation or transactional activities, from before the wedding until well beyond its eventual dissolution, providing a 360-degree representation service, including issues concerning the custody of minors, or their livelihood.

The lawyer Sonia Oliveri is pleased to provide a first free consultation regarding the different fields of application of family law.