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Collections and Asset Recovery

Collections and Asset Recovery  


Kelley Kronenberg’s Collections and Asset Recovery Practice Group handles both commercial and consumer collection litigation in all courts throughout Florida and Illinois.  Our attorneys regularly represent banks, credit unions, finance companies, businesses, and non-bank lenders — both secured and unsecured creditors — that are owed money in comprehensive, debt recovery matters.   

Our attorneys are negotiators, investigators, collectors, and litigators with a proven track record of success for our banking and financial lending clients. Our attorneys aggressively pursue collection of judgments by implementing tactics such as wage garnishments, property levies, seizure, and other legal remedies.  Our thorough understanding of state and federal governing laws and regulations, financial lending operations, and the collections process, enables us to devise a collection strategy unique to each clients’ recovery objective.

Our Collections and Asset Recovery Practice Group maintains policies and practices compliant with all applicable federal and state governing laws and regulations, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Our attorneys are also adept at handling vehicle and equipment repossession matters.  We utilize both statutory procedures which a secured creditor can choose to move for a writ of replevin, including posting a bond to obtain a writ without giving any notice to the customer  

Kelley Kronenberg has experience in dealing with government seizure of collateral, as well as challenging storage, towing, and repair lien issues.  This includes fighting fraudulent liens.  We assist lenders in posting bonds to obtain possession of their vehicles and prevent significant losses.