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Child Support / Child Custody


Our child custody attorneys have decades of experience in handling all cases involving child custody issues. In a divorce, paternity, or parenting actions involving children, Florida law provides each parent the right to remain actively involved in their children’s lives. This includes a starting point of shared parental input for establishing life values and making decisions affecting the children’s welfare and well-being (called “parental responsibility”). Shared parental responsibility is usually appropriate unless it is detrimental to the children, in which case one parent is tasked with making decisions for the children’s best interests and welfare. At times parties have shared parental responsibility and if they cannot agree on parenting issues then one parent may be tasked with ultimate decision-making over certain aspects of the children’s lives. Whatever your circumstance, our family law child custody lawyers can assist you with your family’s unique needs.

Most people think the amount of time spent with their children as “custody,” however, Florida law recognizes this time sharing and is considered a component of a “Parenting Plan.” Our child custody lawyers will assist you in understanding the difference between co-parenting and spending time with your children. All cases involving children require the creation of a Parenting Plan, either by the parties or by the Court. The terms of a Parenting Plan differ from case to case, however, there are baseline requirements of a Parenting Plan. Our family custody lawyers have experience helping each family with their unique needs.

Both parents are legally required to financially support their minor children until each child reaches 18 years of age (or no later than 19 years of age if the child is in high school with a reasonable expectation of graduating by the age of 19), marries, joins the Armed Forces, dies or becomes emancipated. Our child support attorneys will assist you in understanding that Florida child support is a mathematical calculation that takes into consideration the parties’ gross earnings from all sources, appropriate deductions from these gross earnings, and the parties’ time-sharing arrangement stated in their Parenting Plan together with other appropriate variables outlined in the statutes and case law. Whether you will be paying child support or receiving it, our child support lawyers with their years of experience will help you understand how the Florida child support guidelines are calculated and how significant changes in the lives of parents can affect a child support payment.