The Family Law attorneys at Kelley Kronenberg can assist you in understanding whether and what forms of alimony may be appropriate for your particular circumstance. There are many forms of alimony, commonly known as spousal support. Our attorneys will guide you through the analysis as to what is appropriate based upon the circumstances of your situation.

Initially, there must be a determination that the spouses were lawfully married to each other. Having children together does not give a parent any right to alimony, and our lawyers will help you understand this situation. In extremely rare situations, alimony is only appropriate coincident to a divorce.

Next, there needs to be an assessment of the length of the lawful marriage. This usually begins on the date of the marriage through the date of the filing of a dissolution of marriage or a similar type of proceeding. Marriages are defined by statute as:

  • short-term (less than 7 years)
  • moderate length (between 7 and 17 years)
  • long-term (over 17 years)

If appropriate, our attorneys can work on evaluating your entitlement to many forms of alimony, which include:

  • temporary alimony
  • bridge the gap alimony
  • rehabilitative alimony
  • durational alimony
  • permanent alimony
  • lump sum alimony

Since alimony is intended to maintain one’s way of life following a divorce, awards are based upon the need of the receiving spouse and the paying spouse’s ability to pay. There are situations where one spouse becomes dependent on the other during the marriage. This is independent of the length of the marriage.

The expense of alimony awarded and the form of maintenance will depend on many factors, including:

  • the length of the marriage,
  • standard of living during the marriage,
  • age of parties,
  • physical and emotional condition of parties,
  • financial resources of parties,
  • amount of time needed to increase or obtain employment skills,
  • contributions to the marriage, both economic and in-kind,
  • sources of income, and
  • child responsibilities.

Our attorneys will work with you to assess your needs. The amount and form of alimony can affect many aspects of your life. Understanding alimony is essential to reaching a divorce settlement that is agreeable to you. We have the knowledge and experience to resolve all alimony disputes both through settlement or, if necessary, in court.