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Dissolution of Marriage/ Contested and Uncontested Divorce

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Dissolution of Marriage/ Contested and Uncontested Divorce

In Florida, the formal term for divorce is “dissolution,” and dissolution is governed by Florida Statutes which are analyzed by the case law from the courts that interpret the statutes. Actually obtaining the dissolution is not difficult, as only one party has to testify that the marriage is over. The major issues in the dissolution are “equitable distribution” (splitting your assets and liabilities), “time-sharing” of the children (formerly “custody”), “alimony,” and “child support.”

Our Family Law attorneys are prepared to assist clients in both uncontested and contested dissolution of marriage actions. Often after receiving legal advice and gaining an understanding of the law, parties can resolve their dissolution issues, resulting in an uncontested divorce where both parties are in agreement on all matters, and the court’s role is to approve their divorce agreement. Unlike an uncontested dissolution of marriage, a contested dissolution of marriage is a divorce in which the parties have not been able to resolve all issues of the case. Divorces may be a time of tension and uncertainty. There are many significant decisions involved in a divorce, and our attorneys help clients achieve the best results possible while guiding the parties through the divorce process.

Family Law Attorneys at Kelley Kronenberg

We have handled a wide variety of divorce and family law cases and are prepared to assist you with legal concerns that involve the dissolution of marriage, contested and uncontested divorce, alimony, asset protection, business valuations, child support/child custody, time-sharing/visitation with minor children, domestic violence, domestication of foreign judgments, equitable distribution (assets and liabilities), guardian ad litem, mediation/dispute resolution, modifications of agreements/ final judgments, parental responsibility/parenting plans, paternity actions, pre and postnuptial agreements, relocation and same-sex family issues.

Handling complicated family law issues can be a challenging task to face alone. As part of a full-service national firm, our Family Law attorneys work closely with other attorneys from the firm’s Business and Commercial Litigation, Estate Planning and Real Property Litigation Departments, to provide a comprehensive and unified approach to complex family law matters and litigation. This collaborative approach gives our clients the edge that few other firms can replicate. With the best interests and well-being of your family being our priority, the assistance and experience of our Family Law attorneys can be invaluable in your search for resolutions and closure to all aspects of family law matters.

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