Pre/Postnuptial Agreements


The Family Law attorneys at Kelley Kronenberg have extensive experience handling all aspects of divorce matters, including pre and postnuptial agreements. Our knowledge and experience in drafting, negotiating, and litigating these agreements allow us to better protect our clients’ interests, both in marriage and divorce.

When one or both parties are high-net-worth individuals or enter the marriage with significant assets, the prenuptial agreement serves as a legal contract between the couple that protects their assets and addresses potential financial issues in the event of separation, divorce, or death.

Similarly, married couples who wish to plan for divorce can do so through a postnuptial agreement while their marriage remains stable or before either party files for divorce. Regardless of the type of agreement, it must be properly drafted to be legally enforceable.

Our attorneys have substantial experience drafting these agreements and litigating their enforceability in court. We utilize a comprehensive and individualized approach to ensure each client’s unique needs and objectives are met. Our extensive experience in family law matters and marital agreements enables us to assist our clients in achieving their goals and protecting their assets. Alternatively, if you are the recipient of a marital agreement, we will review it and identify provisions contrary to your best interests.

Many couples can benefit from a premarital agreement, even if there is not a significant disparity of wealth or assets between the parties. For example, this is especially true for individuals with children from a previous relationship or who enter the marriage with their own business. The agreement can be drafted in a way that protects your interests and is fair to both parties.

Before you sign a pre or postnuptial agreement, make sure it has been prepared by and thoroughly reviewed by a qualified Florida family law attorney with experience in martial agreements, especially if you are a high-net-worth individual.

No one knows what will happen to your marriage years down the road. While there is no guarantee that a marital agreement will eliminate a contentious or costly legal battle, it is a method to protect your interests and future in the event of divorce.

If you are planning to get married and wish to protect your wealth and assets, Kelley Kronenberg can help provide you with that protection. Contact our Family Law attorneys today to learn more and schedule your initial no-cost confidential consultation.