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Time-Sharing / Visitation with Minor Children


Our family law time-sharing attorneys are skilled and experienced with guiding families through the creation and modification of all aspects of a time-sharing parent plan. Understandably, parents are concerned about getting enough time and sharing quality experiences with their children. Under Florida law, the time a parent spends with their children is called time-sharing. There are no longer “primary” and “secondary” parents or “visitation”. Parenting obligations and rights involving minor children are contained in a Parenting Plan that must be agreed upon by parents or created by the judge. The child time-sharing lawyers at Kelley Kronenberg assist clients in addressing all family dynamics. Each family is unique.

Our child time-sharing attorneys are qualified to assist with establishing child time-sharing arrangements, especially at the onset of the parents’ separation, when emotions are heightened and decisions are difficult. These are often the most difficult challenges parents face. Time-sharing Parenting Plans are important documents that may control up to 18 years of one’s interaction with their children and the other parent. Keeping in mind that these matters will be determined with parental cooperation or by a Court that bases a decision upon the best interests of the children.

Some factors the Court considers to support the best interests of the children when establishing time-sharing include:

  • The capacity and disposition of each parent regarding facilitating and encouraging a close continued parent-child relationship
  • The length of time the child has lived in a stable home environment
  • The mental, physical and moral health of both parents
  • The reasonable preference of the child (if age appropriate)
  • Domestic violence, substance abuse, or other known abuse issues for both parents

The goal of the child time-sharing lawyers is to ensure that the child’s best interests remain the focus of family law proceedings and not the parents’ personal agendas. Our Family Time-Sharing Attorneys will help in guiding you through the process to protect your interests and the best interests of your children to obtain a fair time-sharing parenting plan.

The Parenting Plan lawyers at Kelley Kronenberg can assist you in considering a multitude of critical factors. Our child time-sharing attorneys will help in guiding you through the process to protect your interests and the best interests of your children.