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Florida Administrative & Regulatory Law

Florida Administrative & Regulatory Law  


Businesses facing legislative and regulatory challenges require strategic advice to ensure that their views are heard in Congress, state capitals, regulatory agencies, and by state and local government officials in general. Business and industry leaders know that effective interaction with the government is vital to their business strategy and overall company success. Our Florida Administrative & Regulatory Law Practice Group has the knowledge, discretion, skill and experience to ensure that our client’s views are given consideration in public policy debate.

Our Florida Administrative & Regulatory Law Practice Group is composed of attorneys and legislative professionals whose entire legal careers have focused on regulatory, administrative, and legislative matters. Our attorneys have years of experience in both private practice and the public arena, affording them with the insight and knowledge to effectively work with key government decision-makers on behalf of clients. Our attorneys and legislative professionals advise clients and represent their interests at all levels of local, statewide and national government. Our Florida Administrative & Regulatory Law Practice Group has the extensive hands-on experience necessary to monitor, advise, strategize, and advocate on behalf of our clients.

Florida Election Law 

At Kelley Kronenberg, we use both legal and practical political experience to navigate our clients through Florida’s unique political and legal landscape. Our attorneys are ideally situated to meet client needs in the full range of state elections, campaigns and ethics matters.

Florida Election Law issues encompass a vast number of parties, individuals and government entities. Our attorneys represent local, state, and federal candidates, campaign personnel, elected officials, political action committees, and other political organizations in matters involving:

  • Ballot eligibility issues
  • Ballot requirements and measures
  • Campaign finance compliance and reporting
  • Campaign Fundraising
  • Compliance
  • Districts and redistricting
  • Election contests/recounts
  • Election Fraud
  • Election/Political Law
  • Incorporating and managing political action committees
  • Legal issues in political advertising
  • Political Parties
  • Public Financing of Elections
  • Voting Methods
  • Voting Process
  • Voting Rights (age, residency, citizenship, identification)

Florida Administrative Regulatory Law 

Kelley Kronenberg attorneys have assisted our clients in achieving desired results by participation in both the rule-making and the rule adoption process. Our attorneys represent clients’ interests in disputes with Florida agencies and professional boards. Our attorneys handle rule challenges, public procurement bid protests, non-rule policy, permit disputes, and all types of license and disciplinary actions.

Additionally, our Administrative Regulatory Law attorneys clarify issues, assess regulatory concerns, and weigh the legal risks in all areas of administrative representation including, drafting and developing rule comments, licensure issues and defense, and representation before governmental entities, the Circuit Court, Appellate administrative representation, and the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings.

Kelley Kronenberg’s Florida Administrative Regulatory Law attorneys often works in a team that may include lawyers in other practice groups. Our attorneys assist regulated clients in navigating their way through the maze of government regulations and assist with the interpretation of the applicable and sometimes complicated rules and guidelines of various state and federal agencies.