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Our Practices

Management Consulting

Kelley Kronenberg’s Management Consulting Team offers clients innovative legal and business solutions to set their companies up for success. Our Consulting Team provides new and seasoned companies counsel through all stages of the corporate life cycle. With extensive experience in both the legal and corporate realms, clients benefit from the multidisciplinary perspective of Kelley Kronenberg’s Management Consulting Team. Our goal is to implement tailor-made strategies that work in harmony with the client’s overall personnel, financial, and business objectives.

Our Management Consulting team provides the following services to assist companies in healthy or distressed corporate situations, recapitalize or restructure their operations:

  • Company turnarounds and business transformations
  • Creating and delivering turnaround and restructuring plans
  • Operational improvement including identifying cost reduction and revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Assisting management with business plan development and reviewing/facilitating constituent communication processes
  • Liquidity management and forecasting, including cash flow forecast
  • Special situations debt advisory, including acquiring and divesting distressed assets and divisions and raising or refinancing debt
  • Contingency planning
  • Advising on employee retention plan development
  • Stakeholder management in crisis situations

We effectively address the company’s most urgent needs while its executives run the day-to-day business.

Our wide range of interim management services includes:

  • Senior roles like chief executive officer, chief operating officer, and other key financial positions including chief financial officer, treasurer, and other financial positions.
  • Chief restructuring officers and chief transformation officers when companies must drive a major restructuring that may occur in or out of court, or implement a major corporate restructuring.