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Medicare Set Aside

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Medicare Set Aside

Our Medicare Set Aside (“MSA”) Practice Group includes experienced Attorneys and paralegals who provide strategies to all clients for managing discovery and settlement under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and amendments to the Act.  We also provide recommendations to clients on the following: MSA issues, submissions to Medicare’s lead contractors, verification of conditional payments made by Medicare, requests for reconsideration of Medicare decisions relating to conditional payments and MSA amounts. We provide education for our clients and attorneys on MSA issues and requirements.

From the inception of a case, our MSA Group is able to verify whether Medicare’s interests are implicated.  Throughout the course of litigation, our Attorneys monitor Medicare’s threshold requirements in relation to the facts of a case so that strategies can be developed to avoid the implication of Medicare’s interests, or to ensure consideration of Medicare’s interests, if necessary.

When Medicare’s interests are implicated in a case, our MSA Practice Group is able to verify whether Medicare has made any conditional payments for medical services that must be reimbursed to Medicare in order to avoid additional liabilities.  We have been successful in reducing conditional payment liabilities by offering proof of a missing nexus between the payments and the litigation at issue. Our MSA Practice Group is dedicated to educating our clients on Medicare requirements and compliance issues in the ever-changing MSA arena.