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Snowbird Planning

Snowbird Planning


Many know the advantages of becoming a Snowbird and splitting time between two or more climates. Many moves are motivated by the desire to avoid the frigid Northeastern winters and the scorching Florida summers, but you must consider that these moves may subject you to the laws, taxes, and probate courts of multiple states.

Upon relocation, it is important that you meet with an experienced estate planning attorney. Failing to comply with the legal requirements of your new state can have some serious consequences. An effective estate plan can save your loved ones unnecessary grief, time, and expenses after you pass away.

Our team offers unique expertise for the estate planning, probate, residency, relocation, and tax issues faced by Snowbirds and those seeking to relocate to Florida as full-time residents. We have attorneys in New York, New Jersey, and throughout Florida, who specialize in this area and utilize the same methods, concepts, and principles. Unlike many other firms, if you move from the Northeast to Florida, you need not be referred to new counsel. Kelley Kronenberg’s estate planning lawyers will care for your family cohesively in both jurisdictions.