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Real Estate – Residential Closings

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Real Estate – Residential Closings

Purchasing a home is often one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. However, most people are involved with less than a handful of real estate transactions over the course of a lifetime. As a result, you must navigate a decision that will impact you and your family, both financially and emotionally, for decades with limited experience. That’s why it is crucial when buying, selling, or refinancing a home to have top tier real estate and legal professionals on hand. At Kelley Kronenberg, we can guide you from contract to closing, every step of the way, to protect your interests and money.

We offer full title, escrow, and closing services for buyers and sellers.  Our experience enables us to complete your title and closing work for about the same cost as your average title company, but are also equipped with a full real estate law practice to assist if the transactions get complicated or a dispute arises. Although booming, the current real estate market can quickly get risky, as it includes foreclosed properties, unpermitted improvements, high demand but low supply, and ever more litigious parties. It has never been more important to fully understand what the role is of your title/escrow/closing agent, and how our firm can suit those needs best.

As both attorneys and title agents, we can serve as advocates, provide legal advice throughout the closing process, and will have a firm understanding of the legal implications of any issues – whether it’s issues with the contract, or problems with the title, survey, or closing documents. Most importantly, unlike a title agency alone, we can provide resources and options for dealing with issues or disputes, if needed, so you do not have to turn to another third party to close the deal. We are a one-stop shop for all your closing needs. As with everything our firm does, client service is our top priority. When choosing Kelley Kronenberg for your real estate needs, you will get the best in expertise and communication. We look forward to closing your next deal!

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