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Real Estate – Residential Closings

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Real Estate – Residential Closings

Kelley Krononberg provides full services for residential real estate transactions. Our residential real estate attorneys guide clients from contract to closing, protect their interests and money at every step. As with everything Kelley Kronenberg does, client service and quick response times are our top priority.

Our law firm offers title, escrow, and closing services for buyers and sellers for about the same cost as a title company. However, Kelley Kronenberg is also equipped with a full real estate law practice to assist if transactions become complicated or a dispute arises.

Our residential real estate attorneys provide resources and options for responding to issues and disputes, eliminating the need for a buyer or seller to hire a third party.

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What is title insurance?+
I hear all these terms being thrown around! What’s the difference between a title/closing/settlement/escrow agent?+
Can I choose my own title agent?+
Who pays for title insurance in Florida?+
Are you more expensive than a title company?+

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