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Regulated Substances

Regulated Substances


Changing public opinion and the laws about regulated substances, including Medical Marijuana, are developing rapidly. As recently as June 9, 2017, the Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 8-A, which implements the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as Amendment 2.

The State’s changing views and laws governing Medical Marijuana are emerging quickly and shifting the interplay between state and federal laws. This expanding change in policy has created a large and vibrant marketplace for businesses interested in the regulated substances sector. It has also presented new challenges and unprecedented issues for companies that seek to proactively address the impact of the marijuana industry on their businesses.

The attorneys and personnel in Kelley Kronenberg’s Regulated Substances Practice Group are intricately involved in the state legislation, legal issues, and analysis related to Medical Marijuana regulation and related business operations throughout the state. Since 2014, our Regulated Substances Practice Group has been advising clients on the challenges they will face when it comes to Medical Marijuana and their employees. Our attorneys understand the rules and regulations regarding Medical Marijuana legalization compliance in Florida.

Our team has hands-on, in-depth, and comprehensive knowledge of the Medical Marijuana industry. Our attorneys have researched, reviewed, and analyzed other states’ laws and regulations relating to Medical Marijuana to better assist our clients with possible Medical Marijuana legalization issues as it relates to their businesses, including potential workers’ compensation claims, labor and employment matters, litigation, and general liability matters.

Kelley Kronenberg’s Regulated Substances Practice Group attorneys and Professionals leverage their diverse practice experience to provide comprehensive legal representation to clients. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping individuals and potential and existing businesses comply with, and navigate, Florida’s maze of medical marijuana laws.

Please direct any inquiries to:

Contact: Howard L. Wander, Esq. – Principal Partner & COO
Cell Phone: (954) 661- 8058
Office Phone: (954) 370-9970

To ensure you the best possible well-rounded service, our attorneys are available to assist clients on the following legal matters related to the legalizations of medicinal marijuana in Florida:

  • Corporate formation, business licensing, and litigation
  • Zoning requirements and business permitting issues
  • Partnership and licensing agreements
  • Employment law matters, including: drug testing in the workplace, employee handbooks, background checks, and human resources procedures
  • Workers’ Compensation matters
  • Compliance with Federal policy and state laws
  •  Environmental laws
  • Real estate matters, including new property acquisitions and closings
  • Consulting
  • Cannabis Medical Necessity Defense
  • Medical Marijuana business applications, licensing, registration, renewals, and denials
  • Violations of probation
  • Asset Forfeitures
  • State and Federal Criminal Drug matters
  • Advertising and marketing regulations

We intend to utilize our services and experience in the traditional business setting to assist in proper corporate planning, formation, and operation within the new legal confines of legalized medical marijuana in the State of Florida.