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Kelley Kronenberg’s Subrogation practice handles subrogation cases ranging from fires to floods, from automobile claims to marine losses, from homeowner/commercial property losses to workers’ compensation & ERISA liens.  Our Subrogation attorneys are skilled at investigating and litigating subrogation matters throughout the country, handling both legal subrogation claims (created by statute) and conventional subrogation claims (created by contract).  Kelley Kronenberg’s Subrogation practice maximizes recoveries for both insurance carriers and self-insureds by emphasizing prompt investigation and accurate analysis of losses for subrogation potential.  Our experienced and insightful attorneys work in partnership with your claims personnel to maximize recognition of viable subrogation opportunities and potentially responsible parties.

At Kelley Kronenberg, we combine quick response to new claims, rapid expert intervention, legal strategizing and prompt litigation, if necessary, as an aggressive formula that has allowed Kelley Kronenberg to establish a valued reputation for successful recovery results and satisfied clients.  Our Subrogation Department prides itself on resolute yet cost-effective subrogation techniques.


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