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Lei dos contratos

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Lei dos contratos

Wanting to frame contract law in America, one must understand that, in general, it is unlike most civil law countries, where the law of contracts and obligations is hard-coded and structured, the United States does not make it possible find laws or codes directly governing the contract institute, neither in its general meaning nor in its specific position according to the specific warehouse. Instead, US contract law derives from a collection of judgments from state and federal higher courts, from which the basic principles of contract law emerged.

However, there are some laws and codifications that deal with business relationships and dictate mandatory and specific principles. For example, with regard to the purchase of goods between traders, it is necessary to comply with the provisions of the uniform commercial code (Uniform Commercial Code, or “UCC”). In the state of Florida, the use of UCC has become central in the field of shopping in the trade and exchange of goods.

Since, as in civil law countries, in principle, in the USA, we have the principle of freedom of forms, it is essential to be assisted by a Florida attorney in drafting or at least in revising a contract; so that we may, from time to time, insert the necessary clauses for your own protection and for a correct representation of the will of the parties; especially in consideration of the different legal system in which it operates. As an example, in the United States there is no principle of loss, according to which the losing party in court pays the legal fees incurred by the winning party. Therefore, it is important to fill this gap with appropriate contractual clauses, so if one must operate in court to enforce a contract, you can shift the burden of legal costs over to the unsuccessful party. The Kelley Kronenberg law firm, with more than one hundred lawyers, is able to assist in drafting or reviewing contracts for various purposes. In addition, if it is necessary to initiate a procedure to enforce a previously signed contract, or to defend against claims by all creditors, the Kelley Kronenberg study has the structure and experience to pursue your lawsuit quickly and efficiently, taking into account the economic sustainability of the action itself.

Sonia Oliveri, reference lawyer for clients in civil law countries, carries out continuous consultancy in contracts and litigation for individuals and companies of different sizes and in various commercial areas; from restoration to the production of industrial machinery, from import-export companies to companies that sell and sell real estate. Kelley Kronenberg’s lawyers represented these matters in negotiations and lawsuits in several states and before state and federal courts.

Lawyer Sonia Oliveri is available to provide a first free consultation on the different fields of application in the contractual field.

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