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Visas B

Visas B

The “B” visa is a nonimmigrant visa with extremely low costs, for those who wish to enter for a temporary stay in the United States that does not exceed 6 months, for work reasons (B-1) or for private purposes (B-2).

It should be noted that a European citizen can still travel to the United States for a period not exceeding 90 days through the ESTA program; however, while visa B represents a real visa that must be requested and obtained before departure, the ESTA program is an automated system that allows you to verify whether travelers planning to travel to the United States meet the necessary requirements to obtain a visa.

To obtain the B1 / B2 visa, it is essential to prove that you do not want to stay in the United States once the period allowed by this visa has ended (generally, even the round trip ticket may be sufficient), as well as having strong ties with the country of origin, (generally, monthly services or other recurring obligations in the country of origin, family certificates of subjects present in the country of origin, etc.) are generally attached to the application and that the necessary funds are available for maintained during your stay in the United States (for this purpose, a statement showing sufficient funds may also be accepted).

B-1 Business Visa:

The B-1 visa allows you to travel to the United States for a period of six months for business reasons, so you can conclude contracts, establish business and customer contacts, attend conferences and also, with important limitations, provide activity of independent work. This visa is also often used to start a new business or to stay ahead of sustainability.

B-2 Tourist Visa:

The visitor visa, B-2, aims to allow the applicant to remain in the United States for a maximum duration of 6 months. This visa is usually useful in situations where you want to visit your family or travel for extended periods within the United States; another important function of the B-2 visa is to allow another person who has received a different nonimmigrant visa to accompany if there is no family relationship with the same visa.

Nonimmigrant visas allow the beneficiary of the visa to transfer their spouse and children under 21, if they are not married, substantially extending their visa to the latter. However, if you do not belong to one of these family categories, you can apply for a B1 / B2 visa; this is very convenient in cases of cohabitation. The cohabiter is not considered a spouse and therefore can not apply for admission to the USA based on the non-immigrant visa received by the member; although, the B1 / B2 visa allows expressly to accompany another non-immigrant with whom a stable relationship is maintained (in technical terms, “non-spouse”, that is, unmarried couple).