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Kelley Kronenberg

Visas L

Visas L

L-1 Visa:

The L-1 Visa allows personnel to be transferred within the same company, from an overseas office to a branch, affiliate or affiliate in the United States and if this is the case, the headquarters have to be already present, both in the case in which the office is to be founded at the USA, as in the beginning. However, it is essential that during the three years prior to the visa application, the transferred employee has worked continuously for at least one year for the company in an office outside the USA and has held executive, managerial, or highly specialized functions.

While this visa may be an obvious option for large companies, less structured companies can still achieve it; for example, to show that the employee to be transferred has had managerial duties, it will be sufficient to demonstrate that he has had two levels of control (that is, that the employee controls someone, who in turn controls another subordinate), even if formed by one or two people each, or even a single level of control is sufficient, if the management action is provided to people through professional training (architects, engineers, etc.)

As regards the qualified worker, the criteria may be more rigid and it will be necessary to present evidence of a real specialization in a specific technique in the field of work; therefore, you will find fundamental attestations, training courses, masters, and other similar tests.

The L visa has the advantage that it often leads to obtaining a green card through the fastest procedure, that is, through the EB1 classification. In addition, it is possible to request a response to the L visa application within 15 days after the presentation, by paying an additional fee.

L-2 Visa for family members of the L-1 visa holder:

Spouses and children under the age of 21 can accompany the worker with an L visa in the United States, when obtaining an L-2 visa. The L-2 visa allows you to travel to the United States and even travel. The holder of the L-2 visa can also work in any field and in any modality once the EAD (Employment Authorization Document) is obtained.

As in the E visas, in the L visas, the consulting and establishing the practice is essential; in fact, if the company’s documentation, transfer of funds, and other important preliminary steps are not carried out correctly, you will risk having your visa application denied.