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Visas O

Visas O

The O-1 visa is intended for foreigners with extraordinary abilities demonstrated in science, technology, education, sports, business, art or music. As is evident, the categories that we have just described are quite extensive. As a result, you can apply for an O-1 visa if you work in the fields of cooking, fashion, music, sports, science, even professionals and artisans.

It is considered that such extraordinary abilities exist if the applicant can provide evidence that is included in at least three of the following categories:

  • Have obtained a national or international award, giving testimony of the excellence achieved in their field;
  • Be a member of an association for people who have achieved considerable success, as judged by national or international experts;
  • Being able to demonstrate that their work has been the subject of articles in sectorial publications or of considerable circulation;
  • Being a judge, individually or as part of a jury, of the work of other people who work in their professional field or similar;
  • Have provided an original contribution of great importance in the field of science, education or business;
  • Have written academic articles in professional publications or in publications of considerable circulation;
  • Having played a crucial role in illustrious organizations or organizations;
  • Having received or currently receiving a high salary (or other form of compensation) compared to others at the same level in your industry.

NOTE: If these categories do not apply to your profession, due to the specific nature of it, you can attach comparable evidence to establish your own eligibility for the O-1 visa. Finally, although it is not explicitly included in the previous categories, other elements considered for the purposes of the O-1 visa are: having played a decisive role in illustrious representations or events; have achieved a success witnessed by the public (by number of sales) or by critics; letters of reference of famous people in your field.

Once the applicant, has demonstrated his extraordinary abilities, will also have to show that he already has a schedule of commitments or a real job offer in the United States; to this end, even with important limitations, it is also possible to find the company itself to work.

The O-1 visa has the additional advantage of carrying the Green Card through the EB1 category and, subsequently, to citizenship.

Applicant’s staff: O-2 Visa:

The essential personnel of the applicant that requests the O-1 visa can request an O-2 visa. It is important to keep in mind that this visa is not available in some categories, that is, science, business or education. In addition, “essential personnel” means the personnel without whom the O-1 visa applicant could not perform their own performance, of which the staff must be an integral part.

Members of the applicant’s family: O-3 Visa

The spouse or children under 21 years of age of both the O-1 visa applicant and the O-2 visa applicant can obtain the O-3 visa. It should be noted that the O-3 visa does not allow work in the United States, but only to remain for the same period allowed for the holder of the O-1 or O-2 visa.