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How Does It Work?


Click the applicable button below to send your marketing request.


You will receive a confirmation email after you have submitted your request.


A team member will contact you regarding your request within 24 business hours.


Coordinate CEU Presentation

Marketing helps you coordinate CEU webinars
or in-person seminars.

Register for Event

Marketing manages all your registration
logistics end-to-end.

Request Catering

When you need catering for groups of 10 or less Marketing can help organize this.

Request a Sponsorship

2024 sponsorships were approved with leadership, but Marketing will consider special requests.

Organize KK-Hosted Event

You can host office events effortlessly. Marketing will manage all details for groups of 11 or more.

Create Event Invite

Marketing helps you create impactful event invites
for your professional needs.


Optimize LinkedIn Profile

Marketing can help enhance your strategy
and receive expert advice.

Update Website Bio

Elevate your online presence: Update your bio via the form for optimal KK website results.

Reorder Business Cards

Let Marketing streamline your business card reorder.

Request Elevator Pitch

Craft a memorable elevator pitch: Get personalized assistance in creating impactful pitches.

Request/Renew Membership

Empower your network: Let Marketing handle your new memberships and renewals.

Nominate Peers for Awards

Boost your colleagues: Nominate them for awards

Report Case Wins

Marketing can craft and promote a polished summary of your case victories.

Request Speaking Engagement

Maximize speaking opportunities with Marketing's tools and support.

Submit Blog

Contribute to KK's Legal Blog and let Marketing refine and publish your submission.

Get Help with Blogs

Elevate your profile with impactful blog content; let Marketing assist you.


I Have A Lead

If you have a referral for a unit outside of your practice area, you must inform Marketing.

CRM Verification

Before contacting a potential lead verify with Marketing if BD is actively pursuing them already.

Create a Parent Account (CRM)

Need help creating a Parent (HQ) Account in the CRM? Marketing will handle that.

Request Pitch Deck

A Pitch Deck showcases our firm’s key strengths in a concise way to keep us top of mind with leads.

Request Business Intelligence

Obtain company intel before you meet with prospects to make your pitch more relevant.

Request Personality Profiles

Gain valuable insights into individuals to ensure you are more effective at business development.

Respond to RFP

Do you have an RFP opportunity? Submit the required information for Marketing to address the RFP.

Firm Brochure

Access a standardized overview of KK's firm information and distinctive strengths.


Request Branded Collateral

Need KK branded collateral? Our team creates engaging flyers, posters, banners, and more.

Brand PowerPoint Presentation

Enhance and brand your presentations for a polished look and feel.

Request Social Media Post

Submit a request for tailored social media posts showcasing news and boosting your profile.


2024 Approved Conferences

Review the approved lineup of 2024's
premier nationwide conferences.

2024 KK Associations List

Browse KK's 2024 Association List to explore our attorneys' and firm's memberships.

2024 Awards List

Check out the 2024 Awards List to discover nomination opportunities.

2024 FL CEU Approved Courses

View the 2024 FL CEU Approved Courses for professional development and accreditation.

CRM Training Videos

Access Marketing’s comprehensive CRM training through concise video modules.

KK's Brand Book

Review KK's branding, logo usage, and application examples to understand our brand essence.

Branded Essentials

Access all branded templates (agendas, PPTs, letterheads), LinkedIn background images, and more.

QR Codes

Access your QR code for instant contact sharing.


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