March 16, 2023

5 “DON’TS” During a Divorce

DON’T Engage or Enrage: It’s not always easy to stay calm during a disagreement with your partner, but it’s essential to avoid permanent damage. Instead of letting your emotions take over and resorting to physical or verbal abuse, have a response plan that includes cooling down, drawing healthy boundaries, and practicing empathy. This can help you resolve issues while remaining connected.

DON’T Involve the Children: When parents are going through a transition of their parental roles, it is important to remember children should not be involved. Putting them in the middle of a conflict, no matter how small, can cause feelings of guilt, anxiety, and confusion. One of your top priorities should be protecting children from feeling they must pick a side between their parents.

DON’T Start New Spending Habits: During this time, being mindful and cautious with your money is important. While no one ever budgets for divorce, this new lifestyle means accounting for new expenses. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend but rather budget accordingly to stay on top of your finances. With careful planning, you can ensure your financial future is secure, even after a divorce.

DON’T Quit Your Job: Now is not the time for a career change. Divorce is a tough time in anyone’s life; you don’t need to abandon your dreams and goals, but you may need to put them on hold. In the meantime, use this as an opportunity to grow and challenge yourself. When things settle down, your dreams will be waiting for you.

DON’T Post On Social Media: Rather than airing your grievances or sharing too much personal information, consider taking a break from social media. Remember that your spouse and their attorney can easily access your social media posts and use anything against you during your divorce proceedings. If you need to vent, contact family and friends, find a support group or qualified therapist, and find healthy outlets for expressing your feelings. Remember, you don’t have to take on this challenging journey alone!