Tracy Newmark
Michael J. Fichtel
Paul A. Milberg
Kimberly O’Neill
Todd A. Schwartz
Jason M. Vanslette
Vivian Murguido
Benjamin Lazarus
Andrew “Kevin” Houston
Matthew Morin
Anne Kelly Skinner
Alexis Garcia
Alison J. Trejo
Thomas Mersch
Wendy L. Gaskins
Samantha A. Navedo
Howard L. Wander
Ricardo Arevalo
Michael A. Bryan
Adekemi Akinwole
Andrea Aguilar
James D. Silver
Jordan M. Greenberg
Judy A. Pippin
Matthew P. Strauss
Kimberly J. Fernandes
Ronald A. Lacayo
Nina E. Patterson
Allison Pedlar
Jeremy M. Mishali
Jordan E. Shealy
Marina Gonzalez
Lauren A. Galiszewski
Irina Danilyan
Roxana Gonzalez

Our People

Kelley Kronenberg is proud of the strength and longevity of our employee relationships, with numerous employees boasting more than twenty years of service with the firm.  This serves as an inspiration and a goal for all of our employees, bringing about superlative levels of commitment, enthusiasm and performance. We are comprised of Attorneys, Administration and Staff members who share the belief that relationships matter most when it comes to the way we support and interact with our clients. Learn more about our Attorneys and Administrative personnel and discover what makes each of us different.

Our durable employee relationships characterize the partners and the firm and thereby serve as the foundation for our ongoing ability to establish, broaden and sustain client relationships.  With mutual trust and admiration at the core of our client relationships, we have enjoyed the loyalty of many of our clients for more than forty years.