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Complex Commercial Litigation

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Complex Commercial Litigation

Kelley Kronenberg’s Complex Commercial Litigation Team has an established record of success in complicated, high-stakes business disputes combining business acumen with sophisticated, cutting-edge litigation strategies, our Complex Commercial Litigation Team represents companies in litigation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings across a broad range of industries. Our Team has successfully represented clients in the financial services, insurance, telecommunications, defense and security services, pharmaceuticals, media and technology industries.

Our Complex Commercial Litigation Team represents state entities, corporations, companies, partnerships and individuals before federal and state juries, trial courts, appellate courts, and arbitration panels. Our Attorneys are not only pre-trial strategists, but highly skilled litigators that pride themselves on trying complex commercial disputes. Our Complex Commercial Litigation Team adeptly translates complex legal and financial matters into easily understood concepts to which juries and triers of fact can relate, allowing our clients to effectively communicate their claims to those considering them.

Our Litigators have extensive experience representing clients in matters involving:

  • Bankruptcy and Reorganization
  • Contract Disputes, including Breach of Contract and tortious interference with contracts
  • Construction Disputes
  • Corporate Misconduct and Derivative Suits
  • Employment and Shareholder Disputes
  • Financial Fraud
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Insurance Claims
  • Real Estate
  • Securities Litigation
  • Professional Negligence

Our Complex Commercial Litigation Team helps clients assess their options, contain or reduce costs, and lay out a course of action consistent with their business goals. Our Litigators work closely with our clients to understand their businesses, develop strategies to manage risk, and identify areas of exposure.

  • Hunter v. Citibank, et al: In this class action lawsuit, our client had been represented by other counsel and expended more than One Million Dollars in legal fees.  We were asked to review the file and then take over the case.  We poured ourselves into the file and determined that the case should never have qualified as a class action.  We moved to decertify the class and our motion was granted.  We were in the case at that point less than ninety days and billed less than Sixty Thousand Dollars.
  • Kaffko  v. Quespasa Corporation: Our client was sued in a class action lawsuit based upon the Telephone Consumers Protection Act or ‘TCPA’.  Our initial strategy was to reign in defense costs by limiting the scope of discovery to a single issue – was our client actually connected to the alleged distribution of tens of thousands of text messages.  We moved aggressively in discovery to challenge whether the plaintiff was a suitable class representative.  We forced the plaintiff to dismiss their case outright and they were not heard from again.

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