Our Business Model

Our Business Model

Culture and Compensation are the components of Kelley Kronenberg’s two-prong business model.  Great lawyers leave great firms for two main reasons: they are dissatisfied with the firm’s culture or they are dissatisfied with their compensation and earning potential.  Our business model averts these pitfalls by fostering autonomy in both function and compensation.


Open Communication Opens Doors

In order to carry out our vision, our attorneys cannot be left in the dark.  Open communication is essential to developing trust.  As such, we offer our attorneys accurate information regarding the firm’s goals and company performance while maintaining our practice of disseminating information responsibly to protect and advance the interests of the firm.

At Kelley Kronenberg, we know that if problems arise, individuals are either part of the problem or part of the solution.  We encourage our employees to be open and candid so that we can work together in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation to augment the financial viability of the firm and advance the security and developmental needs of our employees.

Avoid the Blocks Caused by Bureaucracy

Bureaucratic “red tape” is one of the greatest threats to company cohesiveness and stability.

To avoid office politics, we keep the focus on the firm’s business objectives and each individual’s professional goals.  We want to avail every attorney of the same opportunity for success.  To this end, we provide our attorneys with equal and unlimited access to the firm’s vast resources.

The firm’s emphasis on autonomy supports our streamlined and straightforward system.  Our attorneys know they control their own financial success and that the firm offers them the means to flourish.  In this regard, we encourage open communication regarding the firm’s goals and how each attorney can contribute to meeting and exceeding these goals.

We put strenuous effort into building up our employees based upon their individual strengths and ensuring that each employee feels a sense of purpose.  We offer our employees direct access to management and encourage constructive input aimed at bolstering the employee’s success.

Challenges Don’t Have to be a Challenge

The firm’s emphasis on cohesiveness, autonomy, and empowerment naturally repels the interpersonal challenges that typically infect similarly-sized firms. Without these challenges, the focus remains on the advancement of the employee and the firm.

Our employees are groomed to handle work challenges with composure and professionalism.  The firm’s accentuation on time management, organization, and diligence minimizes the potential for organizational challenges that can undermine productivity.

You Practice Law While We Build Your Practice

As you advocate for your clients, we advocate for you. We know that many attorneys feel that the “business” of law often gets in the way of practicing law.  At Kelley Kronenberg, our attorneys are free to practice law while we provide the business services and support they need to build a thriving practice.

  • Our in-house Business Development and Marketing departments provide full-scale public relations services including social media and website management, client seminars, and event planning.  We also employ a dedicated travel and seminar coordinator to provide the greatest level of efficiency and convenience.  When you do not have to worry about business logistics, you can focus on providing your clients with exemplary legal representation.  This, in turn, serves to build and strengthen your existing business relationships which can then be complemented by traditional marketing efforts.
  • Our expansive accounting department handles the financial aspects of each attorney’s practice.  While occasional assistance from an attorney may be sought, attorneys rarely, if ever, need be concerned with file finances.
  • Our full-scale human resources department handles employee training, administration of payroll, and the development and enforcement of employment policies. When personnel issues arise, an attorney may have a role in assessing and addressing certain issues; however, most issues are addressed by the human resources department.  Our human resources department also provides the service of obtaining and administrating the expansive benefits that our employees are offered.
  • Our in-house IT department ensures that our offices are equipped with the most advanced and comprehensive technological systems on the market including four-digit dialing, VoIP phone lines, and multiple party high-definition video conferencing.  The firm is fully outfitted with Apple computers containing the most current industry-specific computer programs. We also attend to the special needs of our various departments by creating specialty-focused forms and correspondence that can be quickly accessed through a document merge system.  Outside of the office, our attorneys utilize fully compatible technology with iPhones, iPads, and Apple laptop computers.  The firm’s technology allows our employees to easily access the firm’s network from remote locations, forward their office extensions to their cell phones, and utilize scanning and e-mail for paper-free communication.  Our firm’s Intranet is a valued internal resource that provides our employees with immediate access to useful employment and benefits information, as well as updates on our employees’ litigation, business, and philanthropic successes.  The IT department has an after-hours helpline and an e-mail service request system to ensure that any issues are handled promptly.
  • Our office services department ensures that all employees have the tangible tools required to work efficiently.  This department is responsible for supply purchasing and distribution, firm fleet management, and vendor relations.  In many instances, our office services department can eliminate the charges associated with couriers and messenger services which we then pass on to our clients.


Your Only Limitations are Those You Impose on Yourself

No one benefits from limitations. We have structured the firm’s compensation system to facilitate limitless income acceleration. With an aggressive compensation system in place, each attorney’s success is determined by his or her ambition, dedication, and determination.

This also allows our attorneys to establish a level of work/life balance that meets their personal and familial needs with the full support of management.

Dollars and Sense

The firm uses a system of compensation that is both creative and rational. Our system allows attorneys to generate far greater income than can be realized under the traditional systems in place at most firms.

Consistent with the industry standard, our attorneys are offered a highly competitive base salary that is guaranteed. However, based upon an attorney’s portable book of business, profit potential, personnel needs, and overhead, the attorney can secure additional income based upon the profits his or her department generates. The additional income potential is determined based upon a tiered system, allocating an increased percentage that correlates to increasing profits generated by the attorney’s department.

In addition to our attorneys benefiting from this progressive system of income potential, we want to integrate this system to offer the highest level of support and benefits to our professional staff. In this regard, the financial benefits flow to the firm as a whole giving the firm the stability and strength to provide optimum benefits to all.