Our people represent the best part of Kelley Kronenberg.
We believe that if we know their passions, goals, and aspirations, then we can chase those dreams together.

Through open and thoughtful conversations, we focus on what is most important to the people that are most important to us.

Conversations That Matter

What Matters to Partner, Kim Fernandes? – Embracing Priorities.

Kim shares how adding a fitness routine into her daily routine has helped her to bring energy, determination, and enthusiasm into her law practice.

Achieving Work-Life Balance - Partner, David Henry

I have made it my mission not to work somewhere I can’t do the things that are necessary to me being a father.

What Matters to CFO, Heath Eskalyo? – Commitment!

What does the word commitment mean to Heath? It evokes a strong sense of intention and focus. It is his unending dedication to his family, friends and career.


Caroline Cimei

Director of Talent Acquisition
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