November 6, 2023

Kelley Kronenberg Celebrates $1.5 Million Judgment in Central Florida Foreclosure Case

Kelley Kronenberg Real Estate Attorney, Danielle Spradley, recently secured a remarkable victory for our client, the plaintiff, in a non-jury trial with a default date of June 1, 2014. The Honorable Cynthia Newton, of Florida’s Sixth Judicial Circuit, presided over the proceedings.  

At the heart of this case was the critical issue of establishing our client’s standing to prosecute the case and enforce the lost note.  

Upon a thorough examination of the evidence, the Court unequivocally determined that the plaintiff had the requisite standing both at the commencement of the proceedings and throughout the trial. As a result, Danielle Spradley ensured the plaintiff’s full entitlement to damages. Notably, the Court awarded a judgment of $1.5 million to the plaintiff and scheduled a foreclosure sale, effectively bringing the case to a successful close.   

The comprehensive nature of the win was a testament to Danielle Spradley’s exceptional legal acumen, as highlighted in the Court’s final order. Further underscoring the robust legal strategy employed by Danielle Spradley on behalf of the plaintiff, the Court reaffirmed the plaintiff’s right to enforce the lost note in alignment with the pertinent provisions of the Florida Statutes. Specifically, the Court’s order stated that the plaintiff would indemnify the defendant maker(s) of the Note and shield them from any potential loss arising from claims by third parties seeking to enforce the lost Note. 

This judgment not only solidifies Kelley Kronenberg’s position as a legal powerhouse in real estate matters but also showcases Danielle Spradley’s depth of expertise and dedication. This remarkable win serves as a testament to Danielle Spradley’s unwavering commitment to delivering exemplary legal representation and achieving optimal outcomes for the firm’s clients.