March 19, 2024

Kelley Kronenberg Negotiates Nominal Settlement to Close Out Hurricane Ian Case

In a recent success for TypTap Insurance Company, Melissa Usher, a Partner at Kelley Kronenberg, successfully negotiated a settlement valued at approximately .2% of the estimated total exposure, demonstrating her exceptional skills in mediation and strategic resolution.  

The dispute involved a claim for over $250,000.00 in damages, allegedly caused by storm-related property damage in Palm Beach County after Hurricane Ian. Melissa began with a detailed examination of the plaintiff’s claims. After TypTap’s inspection, it was clear that most of the damages were due to wear and tear, not the storm. With this insight, Usher built a strong defense, citing pre-existing damage, neglect, and misrepresentation of the loss date. 

Through her aggressive discovery efforts, Melissa obtained an inspection report obtained from the property’s purchase which revealed pre-existing roof leaks similar to the plaintiff’s alleged damages. Armed with this evidence, Usher pushed forward confidently.  

To prompt resolution, Usher proposed a nominal settlement. This strategic move effectively underscored the weaknesses in the plaintiff’s case, prompting them to accept the proposal and leading to the successful resolution of the matter.  

In conclusion, we sincerely thank TypTap Insurance Company for their trust in entrusting us with this important case. It has been our privilege to represent TypTap’s interests. We appreciate your confidence in us.