July 21, 2020

Kelley Kronenberg Partner Jason Vanslette Reverse/Remanded Dismissal of Case

On Wednesday, July 15, the Fourth District Court of Appeal reversed/remanded a dismissal of a foreclosure case Partner Jason Vanslette tried on four days over an 18 month period on behalf of a major firm client. The case was originally filed back in 2008 by another law firm, which failed to attach a proper copy of the original note to the complaint with all the endorsements and allonges. This is typically a fatal mistake in a foreclosure case and often leads to massive attorney’s fees for the adverse party and a refiling of the initial foreclosure case.

Faced with a formidable task, Jason had to prove standing dating back to the date of filing (almost 12 years prior) with limited available documentation and evidence. Although most standing arguments rely heavily on banking business records showing when an endorsement was placed on a promissory note, servicers often must rely on the record-keeping of others as the loans are frequently sold. Due to the age of the case and Countrywide Home Loans not existing over a decade, Jason had to prove standing in ways not widely recognized by the appellate courts. Notwithstanding, the Fourth District Court of Appeal concluded Jason proved sufficient standing through his use of a properly authenticated Pooling and Servicing Agreement in conjunction with his witnesses’ testimonials. This victory has significant implications for the mortgage industry and our clients as it memorializes and accepts alternative theories of standing available to the Plaintiff when limited evidence is available!

To view the court documents, click here.



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Michelle Martinez Reyes, Chief Relations Officer