November 27, 2023

Kelley Kronenberg Prevails Against Attempts to Circumvent Tort Reform

Kelley Kronenberg Attorney, Brittney Tolbert, alongside Partner, Lara Weems Rezapour, secured a significant victory in a recent case against Morgan and Morgan. Detecting the plaintiff’s strategy, our legal team strategically filed a Motion to Dismiss, which was subsequently granted, effectively pushing the matter into Tort Reform. 

Morgan and Morgan’s attempt to sidestep procedural rules to prevent dismissal proved unsuccessful. Initially presenting a poorly plead complaint on the brink of Tort Reform enactment, Morgan and Morgan amended the complaint and added a subsequent party in response to our team’s strategic moves. 

In a decisive moment at the Motion to Dismiss hearing, Brittney skillfully outlined the procedural deficiencies in the complaint, exposing Morgan and Morgan’s attempts to manipulate party additions and dismissals for the purpose of avoiding Tort Reform application. The Court, unimpressed with such tactics, openly chastised the plaintiff’s attorney. 

The result is a resounding success for Kelley Kronenberg as the Court granted the Motion to Dismiss, subsequently placing the case under the umbrella of Tort Reform should Morgan and Morgan choose to refile.