September 27, 2023

Kelley Kronenberg Prevails on Summary Judgment and Defeats Underlying Breach of Contract Suit

In a resounding victory for our client, Frontline Insurance (“Frontline”), Kelley Kronenberg Partner, Jake Huxtable, skillfully navigated a complex breach of contract action against SFR Services, LLC (“SFR”), a notorious Assignment of Benefits (“AOB”) company, prevailing on our client’s Motion for Summary Final Judgment. At the heart of the matter lay a contentious payment dispute, stemming from the replacement cost of a roofing system and related work on a property, where an AOB played a central role. 

Initially, Frontline had already gone above and beyond, disbursing a sum far exceeding the “actual cost” stipulated in the insurance policy. However, SFR asserted that our client had not fully satisfied their Xactimate Estimate, despite having received a substantial portion of the insurance funds. 

With unwavering precision and deep expertise in insurance policies, Jake Huxtable effectively championed Frontline’s defense. His profound understanding of the case’s intricacies led the Court to a resounding conclusion: the insurer had dutifully upheld its contractual obligations. 

In a decisive ruling, the Court found that Frontline had exceeded its obligations by disbursing payments well in excess of the “actual cost” for the roof replacement and associated work. Consequently, SFR’s claim for full payment of their Xactimate Estimate was deemed groundless. 

The Court’s ruling yielded an unequivocal victory, granting our Motion for Final Summary Judgment and thus dismissing SFR’s Breach of Contract Complaint. This pivotal outcome spells the end of the road for SFR’s pursuit of further compensation, releasing Frontline from any lingering obligations.  

Mr. Huxtable secured summary judgment and dismissal of the underlying breach of contract, shielding Frontline from potential exposure for work never executed. Moreover, the Court retained jurisdiction to ascertain the insurer’s entitlement to attorney’s fees and costs in accordance with applicable Florida law, paving way for an equitable resolution on all fronts.