November 6, 2023

Kelley Kronenberg Saves Client Over $231,500 in First-Party Property Insurance Cases

Kelley Kronenberg First-Party Property Attorney, Esmee Vera-Benavidez, successfully handled a series of cases that were approximately two years old, securing voluntary dismissals in each of the cases. Esmee Vera-Benavidez’s proficient handling of these cases resulted in savings of over $231,500 for our client. 

The cases pertained to property damage claims from homeowners across five distinct properties. The damages ranged from minimal to confined to one or two rooms in each unit. Through meticulous investigations and discovery, it was revealed that the Insured had been renovating the units before the reported losses. 

As the cases were moving towards the stage of Summary Judgment and 57.105 for Plaintiff’s misrepresentation, Esmee Vera-Benavidez gathered crucial information to file the necessary Motions. Following standard protocol, opposing counsel was duly informed of the intentions to file the Motions, which prompted voluntary dismissal of the claims. This strategic move was executed just before the statute of limitations was about to expire. 

Esmee’s adept handling of these complex cases showcased her profound expertise in navigating intricate legal scenarios. Her dedication to meticulous investigation ensured a favorable outcome for our client and solidified her reputation as a proficient and strategic attorney in the field.