March 14, 2024

Kelley Kronenberg Secures Remarkable Mediation Settlement in First-Party Property Case

Kelley Kronenberg Attorney Coral Lerner, alongside Partner and Business Unit Leader Scott Dornstein, recently demonstrated their excellence in negotiation and legal strategy by securing an exceptional outcome through informal negotiations. Representing Citizen’s Property Insurance Corporation in an Osceola County, Florida case, our first-party property team navigated complex challenges with determination and skill. 

The case originated from a homeowner’s report of a water loss due to a sink leak from a water supply line. Despite the homeowner’s assertions, the insurer denied the claim, citing long-term seepage and leakage. Subsequently, the homeowner escalated the dispute to a lawsuit, seeking damages close to $24,000.00 for breach of contract. 

During the litigation process, a significant development arose when the property was sold by the insureds. Importantly, they were unable to provide documentation regarding any concessions made during the sale or repairs undertaken before the property’s transfer. 

Undeterred by these challenges, our team executed an assertive defense strategy. Through meticulous preparation and strategic negotiations, Coral and Scott achieved an outstanding settlement, resolving the case for only 2.7% of the projected exposure. 

The culmination of our efforts was evident as the plaintiffs accepted the $750.00 settlement from an expired Proposal for Settlement. In exchange, they provided an execution of release and a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal with prejudice. 

This outcome underscores Kelley Kronenberg’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Our ability to navigate complexities, coupled with our astute negotiation skills, ensures that our clients receive optimal outcomes, even in the most challenging of cases.