April 8, 2024

Kelley Kronenberg Secures Victory in High-Stakes Insurance Litigation

Kelley Kronenberg Attorney, DeAndreth Isaacs, recently achieved a significant win for our firm’s General Liability & Third-Party Insurance Division. Representing an individual insured through American Family Insurance, Isaacs navigated a challenging case involving a motor vehicle accident, achieving a settlement for a fraction of the projected exposure.  

The case stemmed from a collision where our client rear-ended the plaintiff, resulting in the total loss of the plaintiff’s vehicle. Complicating matters, our client was suspected of driving under the influence, with subsequent tests confirming high levels of alcohol in their breath. 

The plaintiff alleged negligence and sought damages exceeding the $500,000.00 policy limit. With the added complexity of DUI allegations and a claimed traumatic brain injury, the potential for punitive damages and an extremely high case value loomed.  

DeAndreth successfully refocused the case, emphasizing factors that countered the plaintiff’s claims. By highlighting delayed injury reporting, insufficient medical treatment, and non-compliance with medical advice, she managed to mitigate the plaintiff’s demands. Additionally, she leveraged insights into the plaintiff’s occupation and failure to report injuries to dismantle their claims. 

Despite facing potential exposure of over $1.5M and the threat of bad faith action, DeAndreth Isaacs, with the invaluable support of Gordon Hill, Senior Claims Adjuster at American Family, achieved a favorable outcome.  

Ultimately, the case settled for less than 10% of the anticipated exposure. Through strategic advocacy, DeAndreth secured a result that exceeded expectations.