January 27, 2023

Kelley Kronenberg Secures Voluntary Dismissal Following Zero Dollar NBA Award

Kelley Kronenberg First-Party Property Attorney, AlaEldean Elmunaier, secured a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice after obtaining a zero-dollar award in non-binding arbitration, completely shielding our client from any liability. 

Plaintiffs filed suit on a late reported and denied Hurricane Irma claim based on Defendant’s engineer’s inspection results stating Irma was not the cause of loss. During the Court ordered non-binding arbitration, the arbitrator’s rationale for awarding a zero-dollar arbitration award was that Plaintiffs had actual knowledge the roof was damaged by Irma as early as November 5, 2017, but failed to report the claim until May 2, 2019; therefore, Plaintiffs failed to provide prompt notice. As Plaintiffs failed to move for trial de novo, AlaEldean Elmunaier moved the Court to enforce the arbitration award, leveraging same to secure our client’s desired outcome: a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice. 

Through AlaEldean’s successful strategic efforts, our client avoided more than $160,000.00 in potential exposure.