August 21, 2023

Successful Trademark Argument Secures TikTok Handle for Kelley Kronenberg Client

Using persuasive trademark arguments, Kelley Kronenberg Partner, Timothy Shields, was able to align our client’s social media handles, reinforcing her brand’s continuity across all platforms including TikTok. 

Our client utilizes a trademarked name across all social media platforms, providing a unified and consistent brand presence. However, on the rapidly emerging platform TikTok, this preferred handle was unavailable, being registered to another user despite remaining inactive. 

Recognizing the risk associated with this situation, which could contribute to brand confusion and the proliferation of fake accounts, Tim Shields took swift and decisive action. Tim leveraged his extensive knowledge and understanding of trademark law to present a robust argument to TikTok’s dispute resolution team. Asserting that the inactive handle holder’s use of our client’s trademarked name represented an infringement, Tim demonstrated the potential for misrepresentation and confusion amongst TikTok’s vast user base.  

Thanks to Tim’s efficient legal maneuvering and dedicated efforts, our client now enjoys a consistent brand presence across all social media platforms.   

Tim’s achievement underscores the firm’s ability to navigate complex digital landscapes and highlights the firm’s commitment to employ innovative legal strategies in the rapidly evolving domain of social media and intellectual property law. The outcome further demonstrates the firm’s commitment to protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights and maintaining the integrity of their online presence.