June 9, 2023

Caribbean American Heritage Month Employee Spotlight: Amanda Hobson-Garcia

  • Name: Amanda Hobson-Garcia  
  • Title/Position: Legal Assistant 
  • Years at KK: Two  
  • Where in the Caribbean are you from: Trinidad and Tobago  
  • What about your culture makes you the proudest: How multicultural we are as a people and our lack of societal divisions of various groups. It’s often the case that people from Trinidad are ethnically ambiguous owing to the rich culture of settlers from all over the world. Despite our differences, we’re connected by our accent and use of “Trini” language which developed as a slang from English.  
  • Favorite Caribbean dish:  Doubles  
  • Favorite Quote or Mantra: “Cattle horn never too heavy for him to carry”. (You can always carry your burdens in life)  
  • Why celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month is Important: Celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month is important as it is a way to recognize and celebrate America’s diverse social landscape which includes people from various parts of the Caribbean.  
  • Who inspires you: my father 
  • Can you provide us with an important historical fact about where you are from: The steelpan or steel drum originated in Trinidad and Tobago. It derived from West African slaves that were taken to the islands in the 18th century and gained popularity throughout Trinidad’s history, evolving to a more sophisticated percussion instrument. The steel pan is the national instrument of the country and is a quintessential part of annual Carnival celebrations. Learning to play one of the various types of plans is encouraged in many high schools as part of Music curriculum.